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A Court is designed to intimidate. Being handed a summons to Court is unpleasant. Going to Court to defend a criminal charge or to fight for custody of your children is terrifying.
Don’t attempt to do this alone. You need legal counsel to protect your rights and get the best possible result. No right-thinking lawyer would represent himself – neither should you.
We are here for you. We want to hear about your legal problem. We will explain the law to you and help you understand what you are facing.
All of that is free.
We practice family law, criminal defense, estate planning, probate, property, business law and law concerning homeowners associations.

The initial consultation is free. Call us at 251-947-6247 or click “Contact an Attorney” to make an appointment.

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Your Legal Needs​​
Many clients choose a lawyer based on who has the lowest fees, the biggest ad or the best recommendation from friends. The last reason is a good one. The other two are not. A Google search on picking a lawyer will return hundreds of articles, blogs, and lots of sage advice.
Most repeat some good advice: Hire a person with experience dealing with what your legal problem involves. Hire someone you can afford and make sure the person answers your questions. Hire someone whose personality appeals to you.
All good ideas, but how do you put those ideas into practice? The answer is simple. Talk to the attorney.
Most important: If the lawyer does not take the time to answer your questions and explain the process to you, go somewhere else.
We usually conduct 30-minute appointments with potential clients at no cost. Both lawyers will expect you to set out the facts of your situation. We’ll explain the law on your matter to you, and give you several choices and predict – but never promise – a possible outcome.
When you leave, you'll have a good idea of your choices and an estimate of how much money and time you'll have to invest. If I agree to take the case and you want to retain me, you'll sign an engagement letter and pay a retainer, and we'll begin.
These short meetings are the best investment both lawyer and client/potential client can make in attempting to form a successful attorney/client relationship.
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