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What To Expect When You Contact J.P. Coleman Law

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When you contact us for an appointment, we will set a time and day convenient for you. We understand that you have demands on your time, and we will schedule a time that works for you. You can call, email or request an appointment by filling out an “Appointment Request.” All appointments will be confirmed by your providing us information about your matter. If you fail to show up for a free consultation you won’t get another one.
If you need a document such as a will trust or deed prepared, you should come prepared with the names of all the people involved. I will meet with you and explain the process associated with the type of document you want.  The document will be signed at a second meeting. The turnaround on such things is usually one week. You pay for the legal service after the first meeting.
If you have a legal dispute with another party, the process may take much longer. Lawsuits are a difficult way to solve disputes and should never be filed without careful consideration and good faith attempts to settle. If a suit is necessary, it is critical that you understand the magnitude of your problem and are prepared to invest the time and money needed to achieve a successful conclusion.
You will usually be asked to pay a retainer. Those funds will be held for you in trust. The law firm does not take this money out of trust until the work is actually done or expenses are actually incurred. You will receive a monthly statement showing activity on your account. When the retainer becomes depleted, you will be asked to put more money in trust to allow us to continue with your case.
We will work hard to return your telephone calls the same day you call. We often do this after regular business hours. Usually, you will be billed for these calls, so calling only when you need to do so will save you money.
We will always make ourselves available to meet with you after hours or on weekends by special appointment.


Never Lie To Your Lawyer – We do this too much to be shocked by your facts. Your lawyer is not your preacher, priest, minister, or judge. We are your lawyers, and want to help you and advise you properly and candidly. We cannot do that if you fail to tell the truth (you tell lies). I cannot help you if you fail to tell the whole truth (leave facts out). We cannot do anything for you unless you tell nothing but the truth (don't add in false facts).We  cannot protect you from things we don't know about (you failed to mention certain facts).
Listen to Your Lawyer – Legal matters have lots of moving parts. You must listen carefully and actively to follow what's going on. Above all, if you listen – and still don't understand – speak up.
Don't Listen… – Don't listen to all of the people who suddenly become experts in your legal matter. Everyone from the opposing party to the person who cuts your hair will tell you how your legal matter should really work. If you have a question, just ask your attorney. That’s what you’re paying him for.
Be Prepared – The better organized you are, the lower your legal fees are likely to be. Get your information together in a compact and orderly fashion. Organize your documents neatly, and don't try to decide what's important.  Let us do that.
Be Realistic – Be realistic about what the law can do for you. The legal process cannot mend broken hearts or get even with that rat who ruined your life. The relief that the legal system can give you is limited. Understanding what’s realistic—and what’s not—is crucial.
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