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Resolving Cases Through Mediation: A Faster, More Efficient Way to Handle Your Case

Many cases, both family law and civil, are resolved through mediation, either because a Court has ordered the parties to mediate or because the parties decide that mediating a case is preferable to the time and expense associated with trials. In mediation, a mediator who is usually a licensed practicing attorney – goes back and forth between two parties and their attorneys in an attempt to settle the case. Mediations oftentimes resolve legal disputes, saving parties both time and money.
At J.P. Coleman Law, we have a certified mediator available to mediate your disputes. Attorney and Partner, Jim Coleman, is certified to mediate domestic relations cases and civil litigation matters, as well as cases in which there are allegations of domestic violence, which require additional training to mediate.
To inquire further or to schedule a mediation with our firm, please call us at 251-947-6247.